Bit Wave Surfin’ Shibuya Crossing

2018.09.10 - 17 10am - 9pm
Shibuya Markcity 1F

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Let's go surfing in the waves of Shibuya city this summer!
The unpredictable movement of people on Shibuya Crossing create waves that reflect their transit at that exact moment.
Catch the ”Bit Wave”, created by people flow analysis and deep learning, and experience the new type of surfing.

Bit Wave Surfin’
Shibuya Crossing

Bit Wave Surfin’ is a surfing experience using digital technology to be enjoyed in urban spaces.
Bit Wave Surfin’ is generated by obtaining the data from analyzing the pedestrians on Shibuya Crossing. Furthermore, the surfboard is automatically swayed depending on the size of the waves. Take advantage of the waves, timing and start surfing. Let's catch the waves like a pro surfer!

how to play

  1. how to 1: start

    The experience starts when the traffic lights of Shibuya Crossing turns green, when that happens we are ready to ride on the surfboard. The board moves as the Bit Wave Surfin’ generated wave approaches. Balance yourself and surf on the digital waves.

  2. how to 2: chance

    Bit Wave Surfin’ and the movement of the board are linked with the flow of the pedestrians. Each time you can witness the different Bit Wave Surfin’ experience!

  3. how to 3: amazing

    In addition ...if special conditions happen at the time you are riding your board, unique Bit Wave Surfin’ wave is created bring your surfing to the whole new level.


2018.09.10 - 17
10am - 9pm
Shibuya Markcity 1F
1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0043


Bit Wave Surfin’ is a co-creation project by IMG SRC, NTT, kakezan.

IMG SRC, kakezan of this project is D2C Group.

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